18.01.2013 11:35 Categories: Where to find 
A essential checklist of questions to ask a breeder
18.01.2013 11:25 Categories: Where to find 
This article shows you how and why to avoid puppy farms and pet shops.
18.01.2013 11:15 Categories: Where to find 
This article advises you how to find your dog from an animal shelter.
18.01.2013 11:00 Categories: Where to find 
Before you adopt a dog here are some essential questions to ask the animal shelter and also the questions they may ask you to ensure you can provide a forever home.
18.01.2013 10:50 Categories: Where to find 
Things to consider before choosing a dog to rehome. It can be tempting to bring them all home but you need to ensure you are a good match.
18.01.2013 10:45 Categories: Where to find 
Please consider adopting a dog first. Do your preparation but don't be put off by common and untrue myths.
18.01.2013 10:30 Categories: Where to find 
Working dogs deserve a happy retirement . Can you help?
18.01.2013 10:12 Categories: Where to find 
Choosing a dogs name can be fun but there are a few things you should consider.
18.01.2013 10:10 Categories: Are you ready? 
Before rushing off to buy or adopt a dog consider if you are really ready to make a life time commitment.
18.01.2013 10:08 Categories: Are you ready? 
There are hundreds of reasons to own a dog. Here are some good and bad ones for you to consider.
18.01.2013 10:06 Categories: Are you ready? 
Even if you are the biggest dog lover it may not always be appropriate to own a dog. Here are some reasons to consider.
18.01.2013 10:05 Categories: Which Breed 
A quick introduction to finding the right breed for you.
18.01.2013 10:00 Categories: Which Breed 
Important things to consider to help you find the right dog for you.
18.01.2013 10:00 Categories: Which Breed 
How to choose the dog which suits your circumstances, where you live, your age, lifestage and lifestyle
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