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Welcome to Noah’s Dogs, the new matchmaking website for dogs and dog lovers.


Considering owning a dog? Noah's Dogs is the place to find the one for you. Take the compatibility test, browse 200 breed profiles or choose from hundreds of wonderful dogs looking for a home. Dog owner, past or present? Noah's Dogs is the place to share experiences of life with your dog. Passing on your knowledge will help dogs find their ideal owners and a loving home for life.


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Search 200 breeds and cross breeds. Find the one for you.


Browse 200 breed and cross breed profiles, pictures, videos and suitability ratings.


Select breeds by type, size and suitability. Compare and save your favourites. Take the free compatibility test to find the dog for you. If you already own a dog review the breeds suitability for new owners.


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Share experiences of life with your dog


Tell us about your dog. Passing on your knowledge will help dogs find their ideal owners and a loving home for life. Upload your photographs,videos and stories about all the dogs you have owned.


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Dogs for adoption


Please consider adopting a dog. We have listed over 500 wonderful dogs currently looking for a home through no fault of their own. Although they are currently being cared for by dedicated animal shelters and rescue homes they would love a forever home. Give a dog a home now.


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Advice on choosing and owning a dog


If you are thinking of owning a dog , Noah’s dogs gives you advice on how to choose the most suitable dog for you, where to find the puppy or rescue dog without using pet shops or puppy farms. Once you own a dog you may need a support network of services from dog walkers , dog boarders and trainers. We advise on the key
questions to ask.


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