Rehoming retired working dogs


Some dogs are bred for a specific, purpose or taken on by organisations such as Guide Dogs for the Blind, and trained to carry out a particular task. These hard working dogs, like people, come to a time in their lives when they need to retire. They deserve some R&R and need a home which will provide them with it.

However, many retired working dogs are old and need a lot of care while they are elderly. Unfortunately, they may find trouble finding a home due to their age, the care they need or the fact that they may have only a couple of years of life left. Would you consider taking in an elderly retired dog and giving him the peaceful and relaxing time he deserves?

As well as retired dogs, many organisations need to find homes for younger dogs which failed the tests and assignments they were being trained to pass. This is particularly true of guide dogs and police dogs, who need to meet strict criteria in order to join their working careers. Sometimes the dogs will end up living with the person who trained them, but other times they need to be found a new home.

There is a particular need for homes for greyhounds that are passed their racing prime. If you’re considering getting a greyhound, why not think about rehoming an old racer?

Where to find retired dogs


If you’re interested in adopting a retired greyhound, contact the Retired Greyhound Trust -, 0844 8268425

Police and military dogs

If you’d like to adopt a retired police dog you should contact your local constabulary to enquire if there are any dogs available. Some areas will have special funds put in place to help old police dogs find new homes and others will work with local shelters.

Guide dogs

Guide dogs usually retire between 9 and 11 years of age. If you’d like more information on adopting a retired guide dog, contact Guide Dogs. You can find the correct contact details for your area on their website -


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