Dogs looking for a home

Hi, my name’s Barnaby, one of the founders of Noah’s Dogs.

My co founders and I understand that thousands of you have been abandoned through no fault of your own. Some of you have lost your owners, and some of your owners have lost you. Lots of you were living in the wrong home with people who didn’t understand you. Many of you were kept in unsuitable conditions or even beaten or neglected. We want to put a stop to that! If you would like to help Noah’s Dogs achieve their dream, we can help you too:

Tell people how rewarding and what fun it is having a dog, plus help to educate them about the importance of responsible ownership.

Share all the wonderful things dogs do in transforming the lives of individuals with special needs, the blind, the elderly as well as children whose lives can be so enriched by having a playmate

Tell people about the things we need to keep us happy – shelter, food, exercise, food, love and affection as well as the more specific needs of each breed. For example, I need lots of play time because I have a tendency to put on weight.

We can help you find your forever home and best friend. If you’re looking for a running companion, or perhaps are happier sharing a sofa, we have created the Compatibility Test just for you. People will take the test, while you just wait for that perfect love match to appear!

Lost your owner? There’s a Directory of lost dogs, and hopefully you’ll be reunited.

Does your owner like taking you places? We are working on a list of dog-friendly walks, pubs, hotels and beaches they can browse through where you can go and have fun together.

Tell everyone you see to sign up to Noah’s Dogs, and together let’s starting building a better world for dogs, with a Forever Home for every one.





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