Which breed is right for you?


Once you have assessed your circumstances and made the decision that you are ready for dog ownership, it’s time to consider which breed will be best for you and your lifestyle. Don’t rush into getting any kind of dog just because you know you are in a position to get one.

Different breeds have different traits which will make them suitable for some owners and unsuitable for others. You need to find a compatible breed for you. A good match between you and your dog will ensure you are both happy throughout your time together, while the wrong match will result in an unhappy dog and a stressed out owner.

All too often, dogs are left abandoned or given up because they were not the right breed for the owner. The dog and owner were incompatible and the owner couldn’t provide for the dog’s specific needs, or became stressed by the dog’s demands. Many cases of dog abandonment can be avoided by simply making sure you choose a suitable breed, which will fit in with your lifestyle and which you will be able to provide for.

Never choose a dog based on its looks; you need to get to know its temperament, character and needs.

Finding the right breed might sound like a big task, but we’re here to help. With a bit of time and effort you’ll find the ideal breed of dog. However, you should always remember that every dog is different and has its own personality, just like humans do! So, while some traits are more common in certain breeds or breed groups, every dog has an individual character and there is never a guarantee that your dog will behave in a certain way.



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