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Finding the right dog for yourself, your family, your lifestyle and your budget can be quite a challenge. Even experienced dog owners can find it difficult to choose the right one to suit their circumstances. There are hundreds of different breeds and crossbreeds, each with its own unique breed characteristics and personality. And somewhere amongst them is the ideal type of dog for you.

Some dogs are more suitable for inexperienced owners than others. To be happy, every dog needs food, shelter, exercise, love and affection. Give your dog these things, and it will reward you with lifelong love and loyalty.

So how do you choose the right dog? It’s not unlike searching for the right human partner to spend your life with! These are some of the things you need to consider:

Are you really ready to own a dog? Can you offer it all the things it needs to be a happy companion for you? Could you offer a forever home to a rescue dog? Do you dream of a beautiful pedigree, or perhaps a characterful cross breed? A puppy or an adult dog?

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