Who is behind Noah’s Dogs?


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The idea came from Barnaby, a chocolate Labrador, owned by David Lethbridge, one of the co-founders (more about him further on.) Barnaby was very unwell when David first got him. The breeder did not mention how he had been suffering. David thought there must be a way of checking breeder reviews so that owners could avoid the bad ones. He also noticed that many dogs were ill matched to their owners and that many of Barnaby’s walking and playing friends disappeared. He discovered that they had been returned to shelters and was moved to think up a better way to avoid all these pitfalls. If you’d like to meet Barnaby, and read what he has to say, here’s a link to his profile.

David asked his friend Farokh, an animal lover and videographer to help turn his dream into reality, and Noah’s Dogs was born.

Since the dogs have their own profiles, it’s only fair that you should read David and Farokh’s:

David Lethbridge is an internet and ecommerce entrepreneur and adviser. He is also co-founder of Joy of Clothes, www.joyofclothes.com and director of Nice Bear Naughty Bear children’s publishing. David was also co-founder and CEO of Confetti, www.confetti.co.uk, and developed Confetti into a profitable multi-channel business including stores, catalogues and Confetti branded products and books. He was also previously board adviser to eHarmony. He has a consumer marketing background from Young & Rubicam advertising agency, Nestle, Johnson and Johnson and BT.

Farokh Khooroshi is a animal lover and an active conservationist who makes a living as an animation and live action Director through his Production companies Animals On Blue and Impossible Dreams www.animalsonblue.com. He is currently involved in a Self Sufficiency Living project at his organic farm in Buckinghamshire where he has a flock of sheep and several beehives. He splits his time between the country and Hampstead village in North London. Farokh became friends with David while making commercials for Johnson and Johnson. Although both have now left the advertising industry, they have remained in touch ever since and have a lot of fun putting their heads together to create ways of making the world a better place for humans and animals alike.

Why is it called Noah’s Dogs?

We all know the story of Noah’s Ark. Threatened by a terrible flood Noah built an enormous ship and then set about finding and rescuing as many animals as he could in order to keep them safe until the flood dispersed. It can’t have been an easy task, finding the right animals, matching them male and female, and then working out suitable accommodation as well as keeping them fed, watered and well until they could be released.

Finding the right dog for yourself, your family, your lifestyle and your budget can be quite a challenge too!

So what next for Noah’s Dogs? You can help!

Noah’s Dogs is in a constant state of development, with the ultimate goal of being the most helpful website in the world for dogs and dog lovers. This is just the beginning of a long term project, and we hope that you will join us in creating a new improved life for dogs and their owners. Our main aim at the moment is to act as matchmakers to people looking for that special companion, and to dogs looking for their perfect owner. In the future, we intend to be the source that will meet the needs of the whole of our dog loving community.

We would love to hear from you, whether you own a dog today, have never owned a dog and would like to, or simply love dogs whether you’ve got one or not. These are just some of the things you can get involved in:

- Helping dogs find that Forever Home

- Telling other people about us either by word of mouth or through the media

- Contributing to the content of the site by sharing your experiences and knowledge

- Creating marketing and retail partnerships

- Advertising appropriate products and services

Investing in what is a worthwhile cause in a world that needs to be more aware of animal welfare in general, and dogs in particular


barnaby noahs dogs