Are you ready to get a dog?

There’s no denying that dogs make wonderful pets. A dog is a loyal companion, loves you unconditionally and wants to make you happy every single day. Owning a dog has been proven to have a wealth of physical, emotional and mental benefits, so it’s little surprise that so many of us are keen to become proud dog owners.

Perhaps you’ve just seen an adorable cuddly puppy you’d like to buy or maybe you’ve been entertaining the idea of getting a dog for a long time; whatever your reason for wanting to get a dog, it’s vital that you take the time to truly consider if you’re ready to add a dog to your family.

All too often, people rush into buying a puppy without thinking about the impact it will have on their lives. Buying a puppy based on impulse or due to pressure from children who may see puppies as a toy is a recipe for disaster. Puppies and dogs are enormous responsibilities which require time, money and commitment from their owners.

This article will explore the different responsibilities that owning a dog entails, from committing enough time for walking, affection and playing to being able to afford money for food, essential requirements, healthcare and support when you need it. Choosing whether you are ready to get a dog is a life changing decision and we want to help you make the right one.

Remember, all dogs are different and their temperament and requirements can vary from breed to breed  Providing you can commit to and afford dog ownership while providing a forever home bursting with love, affection and safe shelter, there will usually be a breed of dog suited to your lifestyle and situation.

By helping you find your perfect match of dog and avoiding the pitfalls that many new owners make, we hope to reduce the number of needlessly abandoned dogs.






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