Reasons not to own a dog

There are many great reasons to get a dog but there are also a lot of very sensible reasons not to get a dog. Take a look at our top to reasons not to own a dog to help you decide if you are in a position to be a dog owner. It’s worth spending some time debating whether these reasons are applicable to you.


Top 10 Reasons Not to Own a Dog


1. Expense - There are a lot of costs involved with dog ownership and they go far beyond the price of a puppy. There’s essential equipment like collars, leashes and dog bowls, everyday costs such as food, vet bills can be very expensive and will include vaccinations, check-ups and even unexpected, emergency vet visits. Will you need to pay for dog sitting, boarding or walking? Would you still be able to keep up with the costs if you lost your job or had to give up work?


2. Time – A dog will take up a lot of your time. If you work long hours, live a busy lifestyle or always feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day you need to think seriously how you will manage to take care of an animal who needs your time and attention.


3. Cleaning – Dogs can be messy animals. Some breeds love nothing better than swimming in murky lakes and running through muddy fields, others may be more relaxed but shed a lot of hair. Puppies like to chew and will mess the house on occasion during house training. If you’re very house proud you might not appreciate the extra cleaning required when you own a dog.


4. Challenging – Owning, training and raising a dog is not without its challenges. From house breaking and obedience training to socialising and recalling your dog, there can be some frustrating moments for owners. Some breeds can be particularly stubborn. Will you be able to keep calm and composed during difficult training sessions or when your dog is acting especially wilful?


5. Long Term Commitment – Owning a dog entails years of daily responsibilities, perhaps over a decade. Ask yourself if you are in a position where you can afford to look that far ahead and know you’ll still be able to provide a loving, stable home for a dog. Are you ready to undertake such a big commitment?


6. Needy – A dog is completely and utterly dependant on its owner. It can’t walk or feed itself and it needs the company and affection of its master. For most people, the absolute devotion that a dog gives to its owners is part of his charm, but some people might feel that the dog is too clingy and needy. If you get a dog, there’s no such thing as being a part time owner – you need to be there for your dog no matter what, even if you feel you need a break.


7. Lifestyle Sacrifices – If you love holidays, socialising, weekends away and days out you need to think carefully about how a dog will fit into your lifestyle. Chances are, you’ll have to make some sacrifices in your lifestyle in order to make room for him and give him the attention he deserves. If you’re used to travelling a lot or enjoying social engagement, you may end up resenting your dog for taking priority.


8. Expanding Family – A lot of dogs end up without a home because their owners are having a baby. Getting a dog when you’re planning on having children isn’t a good idea – not only will the dog need to adjust to a new member of the household being around, but your time will be consumed with the new-born and it can be a struggle juggling parenthood and dog ownership.

9. No Space – Dogs take up room; even small dogs need space to play in and though some smaller breeds fare well in an urban environment, if you live in cramped conditions it’s no place to keep an animal. Why not wait until you have more room? That way you and your dog will have all the space you need.


10. Allergies – Some allergy sufferers may think that their allergies will subside or that they won’t mind feeling ill if you have a dog around, but once the novelty of having a new dog has worn off they’ll still be left feeling unwell. If you can’t be around dogs without getting an allergic reaction, then it’s not a good plan to get one for yourself.



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