Noahs Dogs Trivia Quiz is the fun game for all dog lovers of all ages

  • Test your knowledge of dog facts and trivia.
  • Test yourself against the clock and challenge friends and family to beat your score!
  • Buy or earn bones to freeze time, pass, 50:50 or get a free answer.
  • Earn awards and points and be recognised as a breed expert or oracle but don't worry if you are a beginner it is a great way to learn. To get a head start study the Noah's Dogs website!
  • 1000's of cute dog pictures and questions across different specialist subjects from general knowledge to popular breeds to famous dogs, we are sure to keep you entertained for hours on end and possibly educate you along the way!
  • Example questions:
  • Do you know where Labradors come from?
  • How many teeth do adult dogs have?
  • Are Dalmations born without their spots?
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