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As a dog owner it is your responsibility to ensure your dog is not left for long periods without exercise. If you cannot provide the exercise he / she needs you should consider employing a Dog Walker.
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It is important to train your dog from a young age if possible - but it is never too late to start or refresh your dog’s training.
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A Dog Sitter will go to your home and look after your house and dog when you are gone. This is a good option if you do not want to leave your home unattended or have more than one dog.
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It is important to choose someone who you trust will groom and care for your dog to the highest standard. Grooming will remove excess hair, as well as dirt from your pet's coat.
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It can be traumatic to make decisions after the shock of a death, so try to plan ahead. If you have warning of your dog’s imminent death discuss your options with you vet.
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Boarding kennels are the most commonly-used holiday option. Some dogs however, may prefer home boarding - where the dog will stay in the comfort of the sitter’s home.
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For many people, dogs are not simply pets, they are family members. The joy that comes with owning a dog can quickly turn to heartbreak when you lose a loyal companion.
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A Dog Behaviourist works with dogs, solving a variety of problem behaviours from aggression to shyness.
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No matter how careful you are, even the most obedient dog can occasionally disappear. Take immediate action to ensure you find him.
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Unfortunately sometimes your circumstances change and you need to find a new home for your dog. The more you prepare the greater chance of finding a happy home for your dog.
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If you are struggling with looking after your dog try not to worry there is help available here.
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Coping the bereavement of your dog can be very difficult. The loss of your best friend is painful but here is some helpful resources.
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