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I’m usually the kind you see in those ‘Beware of the Dog’ posters or the dog cast for the part in a Hollywood film where an aloof character gets himself locked in a van with a vicious Doberman, snarling, sharp toothed, and ready to rip him apart. Because of this I’m known for my fearsome reputation, but given the reason I was first bred for my ability to protect my German master through bandit ridden areas, I’ve really had to prove my breeds kinder qualities.

My devoted, loving and loyal characteristics make me a great therapy working dog, alongside my assertive, intelligent and courageous nature has seen me as a great tracking or search and rescue dog even working alongside the police force.

I know my deep, broad chest and muscular body is a great tool for an attacking guard dog, but the truth is I long for a leader. I must agree though to be able to achieve full potential I need an experienced, dominant leader who can offer me constant mental stimulation, a high level of training and plenty of fun exercise. Exercise, obedience and affection in that order will make me the perfect balanced dog. I absolutely love human affection that’s no lie, it sometimes gets the better of me, but if I’m wary of a stranger I can sometimes become agitated or defensive. If you’re not worried I’m not either, and I can assure you I will protect my whole family with my life. I’m a thinker and usually have the smarts to ascertain a situation and make level headed judgments.

You’ll know when you’ll have me at my best as I will be right at your side, happy when you’re happy and through my dark eyes you’ll see a calm intelligence and firmness of character, fearful of nothing.

As with any of us larger, stronger kinds, viciousness and aggression only results as a lack of proper, positive training and socialization. Give me a job to do, plenty of exercise and I’m your friend and protector for life

My ideal owner(s)


Experienced dog owners

Interested in training

Very active

Singles or couples

Must have a strong character

What they say about me









If you have ticked almost every box so far please keep ready, but only if you are happy to love and care for me for the next 13 years.

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Information essential about the Doberman Pinscher

Breed Group: AKC Working


Height:  Dogs 26-28 inches (66-71cm.), Bitches 24-26 inches (61-66cm.)
Weight:  66-88 pounds (30-40kg


Slightly misunderstood and sometimes misused as a breed. But in general any dog enthusiast will agree they can be the perfect dog to have. Mainly down to their sheer elegance and beauty, in addition to their highly protective intelligent nature. As working dogs they are most commonly seen in the military and police force, as well as noted in many Hollywood films. Generally cast as the aggressive dog, which probably resulted in the stereotyping of this breed. Compared to a lot of ancient types of breed, this breeds origins are of a more recent time, developing in Germany in the 19th Century but still only founded in the Club of America in early 1900s

Breed History:

The Doberman was the creation of a German man named Louis Doberman, and he found himself in dire need of a guard dog that was fit and strong and looked the part. By creating a watchdog and bodyguard who was muscular, fearless and courageous, he would have a protector that could deal with any situation at any given time. He was clever enough to cross the breeds of the old shorthaired shepherds for their loyalty and intelligence, German pinchers for their structure and stance, Rottweiler’s for their size and power, and the Manchester terrier for the coat and colourings.  Somewhere along the line he came about the Doberman, quite a specimen of a dog.


In the old days, and still in Germany, Dobermans that trained for police and soldier work were trained to only allow their handler to touch them. This has now evolved but a trait that when resurfaced can be noticeable. Loyalty and devotion are actually a combination of traits. The Doberman is a brazen defender of its home. If trained to stay beside his handler, he will do so. If the handler is wounded, he will drag him along or defend him to his death. The Doberman’s body is a gift he will happily throw up to block you from danger. The Doberman Pinscher is a dog bred for stressful and dangerous work at the side of a brave handler. For this work, the Doberman must have character and an impetuous but controlled spirit supported by a courageous heart. The Doberman is bred for a specific temperament. He is not vicious – he is aggressive. He is not stubborn – he is determined. Very energetic and a super keen breed, that does best when able to release all their energy. Can be kept in an apartment as they are very adaptable, but must be exposed to lots of open space often.


A working Doberman is also a watchdog and that trait is seen throughout litters. Anything new needs to be investigated. If the Doberman is unsure – he barks just in case. Lots of Doberman owners often comment about how their Doberman needs to know where all members of the family are at all times. They trot around the house every hour or so, checking each room. When the neighbors are in their back yard - that’s ok. But if they bring over a new friend – a Doberman will let you know someone new is in your territory. They are very in tune with the environment and notice the slightest sound, movement, or smell. Also watchful and aware, they investigate new sounds. They follow new smells. And if anything is questionable they let you know.

This is one of the most valuable of dog traits, and is probably the reason man first started keeping dogs. With a dog such as a Doberman, you can find anything and no one can sneak up on you.

Sureness is reliability, confidence, and bravery - but is sometimes referred to as strong-will or stubbornness. This is the element of the Doberman temperament that allows him to steadfast under command, obediently, regardless of fear, pain, or confusion. It also allows him to sit calmly, with his power latent in situations where it is not needed. A sure Doberman can walk past barking dogs with little more than an arrogant smirk. He will look to his handler for instruction on how to react to frightening sounds and sights. A sure Doberman at one moment can happily play with the children and another moment put him between the children and an unfamiliar character.



Comes in black, black & tan, bluish gray, fawn, red and white


An extremely intelligent and easy to train breed, but in desperate need of a high level of constant training. They are bred to be at the side of man and serve him; this is what they love. Treats are rarely needed in training; a “good boy” is all he needs - or "good girl" for her.

If this training is neglected the Doberman will happily take over training responsibilities not only training himself but also training his owners.

His intelligence makes him highly trainable and allows his superior traits to be harnessed. The key is consistency. Bad behaviour should never be accepted. Doberman puppies are naughty, but once they understand their role, they are wonderful companions. It is up to the owner to teach this role.

The training process requires patience, consistency, and dedication. It is essential to the proper care of a Doberman to maintain consistent training.  Early socialization classes are crucial to prevent the pup from shyness, and timidity. They don’t respond to harsh or heavy-handed methods and does best with positive reinforcement, firmness, and fairness. Training provides mental stimulation and maintains proper behaviour in the Doberman, which will allow him to be a productive member of the family and a positive example and contribution to the Doberman breed.


The Doberman breed is said to have a relatively maintenance free coat. It’s short, barely sheds, is easy to wash, and dries quickly. The Doberman’s coat should shine, lay flat and straight, but duties like bathing, ear cleaning, and nail trimming like with all dogs shouldn’t be forgotten about.

A consistent and high quality diet for your Doberman is worth every penny. Not only will he be more healthy and happy, he will also avoid many future health problems.


Not all Doberman diseases are preventable much like with any breed, and despite all the best breeding practices and dedicated care, the healthiest Doberman can eventually experience serious illness. The most common diseases found within this breeds specifications are as followed. Like in humans, cancer in dogs has a mysterious cause and if allowed to spread is deadly. To prevent cancer from spreading, it must be caught early. Many cancers in dogs form detectable lumps under the skin. Regular grooming and bathing often allows the Doberman owner to feel these lumps.

A common cancer in the Doberman is bone cancer, which often forms detectable lumps on the shoulders or legs, or can be indicated by pain in the legs. Prostate cancer has a high occurrence in male Dobermans and for many years mammary cancer has been the number one killer of female Dobermans. Spayed female Dobermans has shown to reduce occurrence of this disease.

Hip Dysplasia is a condition where the pelvic ball and socket joint does not fit together well because of a malformation in either or both parts. The loose fitting joint creates calcification as the dog ages, resulting in pain and lameness. This is seen rarely in this breed due to its size. Hip Dysplasia commonly affects many large breeds, but occurrence in the Doberman is rare. However, it is still important to test for this condition.

One oddity on the list of Doberman illnesses is von Willebrand’s Disease. It is a genetic disease that in people and dogs causes a shortage of the protein von Willebrand factor. This protein is secreted from the inter walls of blood vessels when they are injured, and acts as a glue, holding platelets together. Simply, van Willebrand’s Disease can cause an excessive bleeding disorder.

Wabbler Syndrome is caused by abnormalities in the spinal vertebra. A dog suffering from Wabbler Syndrome will lack coordination in the legs. The hind legs will usually stand crouching, not fully extended, with the feet far apart. The Doberman is one of the breeds with a high instance of Wabbler Syndrome. Also, Dobermans affected by this syndrome are commonly older than four years. This is likely due to a mild abnormality, which over time does damage with movement.

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Advice on choosing your breed »

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The Doberman Pinscher was originally developed as a personal protector, a dog that would stay by his side night and day, with a focus on the utmost obedient temperament. Today the Doberman Pinscher usually lives as a loving family pet. The Doberman is greatly suited for this purpose because it loves being close and active with its human pack. However, not every family is suited for a Doberman. The Doberman Pinscher is a highly intelligent and athletic dog. It needs plenty of mental stimulation and exercise. And if you don't train your Doberman - your Doberman will certainly train you.

The following grid gives a fast track review, which covers all breeds. You can apply it to help you decide if a Doberman is suitable for you, the environment where you live, your personality and your lifestyle. On the grid, 1= strongly disagree, and 5= strongly agree. For example, if you are looking for a dog that likes to protect and work as a guard dog, then look under Role and Suitability, and you will see that Dobermans excel in that, scoring 5. If you want an intelligent, easy to train dog, look down the Training and Obedience list and you will see that Dobermans are exactly that, and score 5. You might like to save or print off this section and keep it for reference while you check some other breeds before making your final choice.

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Noahs Breed Rating | Community Breed Rating

Good jogging companion5/5
Good walking companion5/5
Likes water/swimming4/5
Likes learning new tricks5/5
Likes to hunt4/5
Likes to fetch4/5
Good gundog/retriever5/5
Barks a lot2/5
Gets easily jealous3/5
Friendly with strangers1/5
Expensive to insure1/5
Expensive to feed2/5
Happy to sleep outside1/5
Prefers countryside5/5
Suits urban environment4/5
Prefers temperate climate4/5
Prefers hot climate4/5
Prefers cold climate1/5
Moults a lot1/5
Requires lots of grooming1/5
Role and Suitability
Ideal for elderly2/5
Ideal for singles5/5
Ideal for couples with no children4/5
Ideal for family with children3/5
Good watch dog5/5
Good guard dog5/5
Good with other pets2/5
Good with other dogs4/5
Time and Energy
Happy being left alone for 4hrs1/5
Happy being left alone for 2hrs1/5
Requires lots of exercise5/5
Training and Obedience
Good for first time owners1/5
Good for experienced owners5/5
Good recall4/5
Easy to train4/5
Good jogging companion0/5
Good walking companion0/5
Likes water/swimming0/5
Likes learning new tricks0/5
Likes to hunt0/5
Likes to fetch0/5
Good gundog/retriever0/5
Barks a lot0/5
Gets easily jealous0/5
Friendly with strangers0/5
Expensive to insure0/5
Expensive to feed0/5
Happy to sleep outside0/5
Prefers countryside0/5
Suits urban environment0/5
Prefers temperate climate0/5
Prefers hot climate0/5
Prefers cold climate0/5
Moults a lot0/5
Requires lots of grooming0/5
Role and Suitability
Ideal for elderly0/5
Ideal for singles0/5
Ideal for couples with no children0/5
Ideal for family with children0/5
Good watch dog0/5
Good guard dog0/5
Good with other pets0/5
Good with other dogs0/5
Time and Energy
Happy being left alone for 4hrs0/5
Happy being left alone for 2hrs0/5
Requires lots of exercise0/5
Training and Obedience
Good for first time owners0/5
Good for experienced owners0/5
Good recall0/5
Easy to train0/5

*PLEASE NOTE: All our breed profiles are general, and all dogs are individuals. Always talk to the breeders and meet the owners you are buying from. Try to meet the dog and its parents if it is a puppy in their home environment.

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