Would the dog choose you?


You may think you have found the perfect breed, but would the dog choose to live with you? Choosing a compatible dog means considering the dog’s needs and not just your own.Try to looking at your situation from the dog’s point of view. This will help you understand his needs and what you are able to provide for him, and assist you in deciding if the dog would be happy to live with you for the rest of his life.


Consider the breed’s temperament, character and instincts and how they would work with your circumstances. For example, a German Shepherd living in a small, city apartment with an inexperienced dog owner would become frustrated by not having the space to run and play and may become destructive and aggressive with an submissive owner.


However, a German Shepherd living on a large rural farm with an experienced owner would be incredibly happy. He would have all the space and exercise he needs and would have a confident owner to guide him.

What would a dog ask you, if he could?

Will you be reliable when it comes to feeding times?

Will I get the right amount of exercise?

Is there enough room for me?

Where will I sleep?

Do you have a garden I can play in?

Do you have children? Will you teach them to understand my needs and be gentle with me?

How often will I be on my own in the house?

Will you find the time to train me?

Will you find the time to play with me?

Will I get plenty of opportunity to do the things I love (e.g. swimming, running, cuddling, playing)?

What will happen to me when I’m old, or if I get ill?

Will you love me unconditionally, even if I’ve done something wrong?




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