Hound dogs

Hounds were bred to track and hunt prey, working alongside hunters who would be on horseback or following along behind the hounds. Some hounds were bred to catch and trap prey while others were bred to kill it. All hounds are used to living and working in a pack.

The pros of owning a hound is that they are usually quiet dogs – they have a deep and distinctive bark but will only use it when they have to. They tend to be relaxed and easy going dogs that are friendly towards other canines and people. As they were bred to work with people, but not closely, hounds enjoy physical contact and affection but don’t crave it, so that aren’t clingy pets. They have a great deal of energy, making them good dogs for active people, but they are able to switch off and relax when they are at home.

However, their high energy levels mean that a long daily walk, or even two, is essential. Small animals and pets might be seen as prey, and hounds might attempt to hunt them. Hounds also have an independent streak which makes them difficult to train and can make them seem disobedient. Their ability to get easily distracted teamed with their chasing instinct means that hounds may run off in pursuit of prey, or just for the fun of it.


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