How to choose a breed


It really can’t be stressed enough how vital it is to choose the right breed when you’re getting a dog. Dogs can differ vastly depending on their breed; everything from their character and temperament to their exercise needs and how often they should be groomed, depends on breed. If you aren’t compatible with your dog then you are in for some trouble – your dog will be unhappy with the lifestyle he is being forced into and you will be upset at having to make sacrifices in your life that you don’t want to. Owners must consider two things very carefully before choosing which breed to get; their own requirements from a dog, and the breed’s requirements from its owner.


Pros and Cons of Different Breed Groups

There are seven different breed groups for dogs. Each breed group reflects what the dogs within it were bred to do. For this reason, all breeds within a certain breed group share common traits. Researching breed groups is a good starting point for narrowing down the kind of dog you would like, before going on to look at specific breeds. The breed groups are: Gundogs, Hounds, Pastoral, Utility, Terriers, Toy and Working.


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A quick introduction to finding the right breed for you.
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Important things to consider to help you find the right dog for you.
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