Working dogs

Working dogs were bred to assist humans by guarding, pulling sleds, search and rescue or in any number of other ways. As dogs within the working group were bred for a variety of different tasks, their characteristics will differ from breed to breed and they should therefore be considered on their own merits. They are often large and strong in order to keep up with the work they were bred to do. Some working dogs will have very thick dense coats, as they were bred to work in harsh conditions. However, this is not always the case.

The pros of owning a working dog is that they were bred to be highly intelligent and responsive, so they are very obedient and trainable. They were also bred to work closely with people, so they love human companionship.

However, working dogs require a substantial amount of daily exercise and their high intelligence means they also need a great deal of mental stimulation. They love to work and are happiest running around and using up their excessive energy, rather than staying at home. In addition, their considerable size and strength often makes them unsuitable for families.



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