Toy dogs

Toy dogs were bred to be pets and companion animals. They were bred for nothing more than to be loved and cared for, and their working traits were usually bred out of them. They are small in size, making them ideal for life as a lap dog.

There are many pros to owning a toy dog. Their small size makes them perfect for people who live in urban environments and flats. They have a loveable character and an even temperament; their mild mannered and agreeable attitude is perfect for first time dog owners. Toy dogs love human company and will also do well with other dogs and animals.

However, while their size has many benefits it also means that they can be prone to health conditions. In addition, the fact that their working traits are usually bed out of them means that they are often not as eager or as quick to learn. Toy dogs can also be quite needy and may not enjoy being left on their own, even if it is just for a short length of time.

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