Terrier dogs

Terriers were bred to catch and kill small animals, particularly vermin such as rats and mice. They were frequently used as working dogs to keep farms and boats clear of rodents, but were sometimes used to hunt for sport. They are particularly good at digging as they would need to dig in order to reach underground animal lairs and dens. Small and fast, terriers are highly energetic and alert with a strong prey drive and a love of chasing.

Terriers are excitable dogs with huge amounts of character and charisma. They make excellent watchdogs and are usually very friendly with other people due to their extroverted nature. Terriers tend to be highly affectionate with their owners and love to be around them whenever possible.

Terriers do have a reputation for being rough and boisterous, despite their small size. They have a strong inclination to bark and can be considered as ‘yappy’. Terriers also tend to have a stubborn streak which makes them difficult to train, particularly when combined with their short temper. Terriers are not suitable for households with small animals and cats as their prey drive means they will chase and may even kill them.


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