Pedigree or Crossbreed?

The most important point to consider when deciding if you want a pedigree or a crossbreed is the unpredictability of cross breeds.

While crossbreeds tend to be healthier and have longer lifespans than many pedigrees, there is no way of knowing which traits the mixed breed will have picked up from its parents. How will you cope if the small puppy you bought grows into a very large dog? Will you still be able to afford it and give it the exercise it requires? If you want to get a crossbreed, it is imperative that you are in a stable position which can be flexible depending on the type of dog you end up with.

Pedigrees are more expensive and can be harder to find as you need to search for a reputable breeder, however they are much more predictable. Providing you buy from a good breeder, you know almost exactly what you are getting with a pedigree puppy.

Crossbreeds are cheaper and easier to find but it is often difficult to gauge the quality of the breed or breeder – you must ask lots of questions and be very careful when choosing a crossbreed.

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