How to find help if you are struggling to look after your dog


If you are struggling with looking after your dog then please don’t despair.  You can find help.

The current financial crisis has left many dog owning families and individuals with monetary problems, in addition owners may be struggling to care for their dogs due to illness, divorce, bereavement or because their dog is showing behaviour or aggression issues.


Whatever your reason for needing help to take care of your dog, there are support services in place.


Blue Cross, Dogs Trust, RSPCA and PDSA all provide veterinary care for dogs whose owners are on state benefits and finding it difficult to give their dog the healthcare it needs. The PDSA in particular is wonderful at providing veterinary care to the pets of people in need, though they have strict requirements and applicants must live in their catchment area and be on housing benefits.


The Tailwaggers Club Trust works in a similar way to the PDSA, but doesn’t have any regulations or restrictions. Each case is considered individually and those that qualify are entitled to free veterinary care. The Tailwaggers Club Trust understands that some people may be going through unexpected or short term financial hardship or may simply have had a run of bad luck, and can’t afford costly vet bills.

Pet Retreat is a service from the RSCPA which helps dog owning families who are fleeing from domestic abuse. Pet Service will put the dogs into foster care until the family is more settled and in a position to take them back. A similar service to Pet Retreat is The Freedom Project.

Battersea Behaviour Advice Line is a phone call service that has been put in place especially for people struggling with a dog that has behaviour problems. The advice line provides emotional support and practical advice, without judgement.

The Cinnamon Trust is a valuable charity which provides practical support to dog owners in their last years of life, whether they are elderly or terminally ill. The Trust has a network of 15,000 volunteers who allow owners in need to keep caring for their pets. If you need their help, a volunteer will walk and exercise your dog, buy and deliver dog food and provide grooming and essential care.  If hospital stays are necessary the volunteer will take your dog into their own home until it can be reunited with you. Should you need to move into a residential or nursing home, the Trust will suggest homes which accept pets. In the sad case of death, the Cinnamon Trust will ensure that your dog is put in a new, loving forever home.


Should you ever go through a temporary crisis such as a fire or flood in the home, going through rehabilitation or needing hospitalisation, The Mayhew Animal Home Pet Refuge Programme will be there to help. This service provides foster care for dogs whose owners are in a short term crisis, until the owner can safely care for the dog.


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