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I’m cool and calm and I love my family to bits! I may look pretty determined when I’m out on the hunt but I’m a bit softie really. I love cuddles and being a part of family activities – especially if it involves lots of running and playing! I’ve got lots of energy you see, because I’m a hunting dog and I’m really good at it! I work with lots of game wardens and foresters, hunting for game but don’t let that put you off, I’m a family dog too!

But you will have to keep an eye on me because my sense of smell is so keen, I get pretty distracted... I just love to investigate different scents so keep an eye out or you might have to be hunting for me!


My ideal owner(s)


Active, outdoorsy types

Experienced dog handlers


Game Wardens


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Well balanced

Please read on, to find out more about me, and whether I will be someone you can be happy with for the next 14 years, or even longer!


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Information essential about the Bavarian Mountain Hound


Kennel Club Group:

Crossbreeds are not recognised by the KC



Medium: Weight 44 – 55 lb (20 – 25 kg)

Height: Male 18 – 20.5” (47 – 52 cm) Female 17 – 19” (44 – 48 cm)




Due to its hunting nature, this breed continues to be very popular amongst game wardens, trackers and licensed hunters across Europe but is not commonly seen as a show dog or household pet.


Breed History:


The Bavarian Mountain Dog is a tracking hound that specialising in tracking injured big game. The breed was originally developed in the late 19th century in the mountains of Bavaria, Germany. The breed was developed by selectively crossbreeding the Hanovarian  Hound with Red Mountain Hounds in order to create a tracking hound with a lighter, more agile frame to be able to navigate mountainous terrain with greater ease.

The "Klub für Bayrische Gebirgsschweißhunde", (Club for Bavarian Mountain hound) was founding in Munich in 1912 and afterwards the breed began to gain popularity in both Austria and Hungary.




This is a well balanced, calm breed. They are extremely loyal to their family and master but can be aloof with strangers. They are cool and self-assured but very docile, being neither timid nor aggressive. They make good family companions provided they are given plenty of exercise and mental stimulation but are generally quiet around the house. They can be very affectionate to their family and loyal but can be easily distracted by interesting scents. This breed likes to be part of the family and develops a deep bond with their family, liking to be included in all activities. This breed is well behaved with children providing he has been brought up with them but can be reserved with strangers. They are independent and free-spirited, requiring a firm but patient owner.





This breed is calm, well balanced, quiet and extremely loyal to their master and family. They are athletic and poised and when hunting, are very focused and determined. Bred for their hunting abilities, they are very agile and fast, able to easily navigate mountainous terrain and have a very strong hunting instinct but require an experienced and patient trainer.




This breed is athletic and well proportioned and muscular. The head is strong and elongated and the skull is broad and slightly domed with a pronounced stop. The muzzle should be broad with a black or dark red nose with wide nostrils. The ears are set high and hang heavily against the head with rounded tips. The body is rectangular and slightly raised at the rump. The neck is strong and medium in length and the topline is sloping slightly upwards from the withers to the hindquarters. The chest is well developed and moderately wide and the tail is high set and medium in length, carried level to the ground or hanging down.

The Bavarians coat is short, thick and shiny. The coat lies flat against the body and is fairly coarse. It is finer on the head and ears, growing longer on the legs, tail and body.




The coat comes in all shades of black-masked fawn or brindle, solid deep red, deer red, reddish brown, tan and reddish grey.




The Bavarian Mountain Hound is intelligent and eager to learn and are very responsive to firm, patient and respectful trainers. Early socialisation and obedience training is recommended and training should be based on positive reinforcement and praise. They do not respond well to harsh or heavy handling. When sufficiently socialised and trained, this breed is well behaved and docile but they can be independent and strong will so require a firm but patient hand.



This breed is not well suited to city life and needs regular exercise and plenty of space. The coat requires regular grooming but they are not heavy shedders.




The lifespan of a healthy individual is up to 14 years, which is normal for a dog of this size. If you buy from a reputable, responsible breeder, health problems should not occur. This breed suffers from relatively few health issues but should be hip tested as Hip Displasia can be present in this breed. It should also be noted that this breed can very rarely suffer from Entropian.



This breed requires a considerable amount of exercise but due to its hunting instincts, it is not recommended to allow this breed to roam off the lead due to their tendency to follow trails. They do best in the country where they can get plenty of exercise and require a large and securely fenced back yard. This breed needs a lot of physical and mental stimulation to keep it fit and healthy due to their working nature.


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The following grid gives a fast track review which covers all breeds. You can apply it to help you decide if a Bavarian Mountain Hound is suitable for you, the environment where you live, your personality and your lifestyle. On the grid, 1= strongly disagree, and 5= strongly agree. For example, if you are looking for a dog that likes to go for walks, look down the list under Activities, and you will see that Bavarian Mountain Hounds love running and walking, scoring 5. If you want a friendly companion, look down at Behaviour, and you will see that Bavarians are friendly with strangers, and score 5. You might like to save or print off this section and keep it for reference while you check some other breeds before making your final choice.


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Noahs Breed Rating | Community Breed Rating

Good jogging companion5/5
Good walking companion5/5
Likes water/swimming3/5
Likes learning new tricks4/5
Likes to hunt5/5
Likes to fetch5/5
Good gundog/retriever5/5
Barks a lot3/5
Gets easily jealous1/5
Friendly with strangers5/5
Expensive to insure1/5
Expensive to feed1/5
Happy to sleep outside1/5
Prefers countryside5/5
Suits urban environment1/5
Prefers temperate climate5/5
Prefers hot climate3/5
Prefers cold climate4/5
Moults a lot1/5
Requires lots of grooming3/5
Role and Suitability
Ideal for elderly1/5
Ideal for singles5/5
Ideal for couples with no children5/5
Ideal for family with children4/5
Good watch dog2/5
Good guard dog1/5
Good with other pets5/5
Good with other dogs5/5
Time and Energy
Happy being left alone for 4hrs2/5
Happy being left alone for 2hrs3/5
Requires lots of exercise5/5
Training and Obedience
Good for first time owners2/5
Good for experienced owners5/5
Good recall5/5
Easy to train5/5
Good jogging companion0/5
Good walking companion0/5
Likes water/swimming0/5
Likes learning new tricks0/5
Likes to hunt0/5
Likes to fetch0/5
Good gundog/retriever0/5
Barks a lot0/5
Gets easily jealous0/5
Friendly with strangers0/5
Expensive to insure0/5
Expensive to feed0/5
Happy to sleep outside0/5
Prefers countryside0/5
Suits urban environment0/5
Prefers temperate climate0/5
Prefers hot climate0/5
Prefers cold climate0/5
Moults a lot0/5
Requires lots of grooming0/5
Role and Suitability
Ideal for elderly0/5
Ideal for singles0/5
Ideal for couples with no children0/5
Ideal for family with children0/5
Good watch dog0/5
Good guard dog0/5
Good with other pets0/5
Good with other dogs0/5
Time and Energy
Happy being left alone for 4hrs0/5
Happy being left alone for 2hrs0/5
Requires lots of exercise0/5
Training and Obedience
Good for first time owners0/5
Good for experienced owners0/5
Good recall0/5
Easy to train0/5

*PLEASE NOTE: All our breed profiles are general, and all dogs are individuals. Always talk to the breeders and meet the owners you are buying from. Try to meet the dog and its parents if it is a puppy in their home environment.

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